Reduce preventable denials and other revenue leakages with
effy´s smart and actionable intelligence!


effy empowers hospitals and health systems with the intelligence they need for optimizing and improving their operational, clinical and financial performance!

effy smart sensors monitor current systems looking for deviations, triggering alarms and organizing the fixing journey, to prevent patient outcomes, cash flow or other operations to be negatively impacted.

A Revenue Cycle Management optimization solution that detects deviations and other problems in key processes, advises and guides leaders exactly on what they need to do to fix those problems before they impact bottom line.

effy solution detects exceptions, spots leakage, reports errors and works to prevent and eliminate payment denials. Provides guidance through the actions needed to fix the errors, with a powerful embedded workflow tool.

Besides improving financial bottom line and other clinical and operational ratings, effy solution improves compliance with government regulations which are volatile and may shift.

Triggers attention to compliance with HIPAA, ICD-10, Meaningful Use, the two-midnight rule and other government regulations.
Directs attention to issues relating to risk, billing and healthcare fraud and abuse; 80 percent of compliance risk residing in the revenue cycle.

You've Got Massive
Financial Challenges

  • Claim Denials
  • Bad Debt
  • Missing Charges
  • Revenue Leakage
  • Threats to Revenue Integrity
  • Operational Inefficiencies
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Mountains of Data Across the Enterprise
  • Vast, Disparate Operational, Clinical & Financial Data

We've Got One Smart Solution:
EFFY Efficiency Platform

  • Unique exception-based actionable analytic reporting tools
  • 24/7 continuous auditing and reporting makes data comparable in real-time and actionable on the fly
  • Prevent revenue leakages upfront, before they even happen in first place
  • All-in-one platform that overlays existing transactional and operational systems
  • Amazing ROI, pays itself in few months of use in first of many possible use cases
  • Enables leaders to take action and follow up. And make a splash in the organization´s efficiency!


Actionable Analytics for Healthcare Efficiency
  • A different breed of software
  • Adds an extra layer of protection
  • Capture, collect reconcile and analyze data
    out of any current transactional system
  • Extends the value of current Revenue Cycle
    Management (RCM) solutions


Dedicated to healthcare efficiency, EFFY empowers hospitals, hospital systems and Integrated Delivery Networks to retrieve, review and compare massive amounts of operational, clinical and financial data across their total enterprise -- no matter the size, data incompatibility or platform complexity. Using customizable, exception-based triggers to identify deviations from norms, users can reduce errors and denials, improve efficiency and productivity, meet compliance requirements and ensure financial viability.