The Best Practice for Creating a  Patient-centric Revenue Cycle?  Make sure there are no surprises.
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The Best Practice for Creating a Patient-centric Revenue Cycle? Make sure there are no surprises.

Clear communication combined with a smooth revenue cycle create an opportunity to protect revenue and raise patient satisfaction.

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Healthcare Business Assurance: The Next Step of RCM Evolution

Healthcare RCM technology has been evolving for decades. Some organizations have begun looking outside of healthcare to find the capabilities they need to continue their drive toward operational efficiency and new reimbursement model management. The answers they are looking for may come from an unlikely industry – telecommunications.

Actionable Analytics Assurance Audit Business Cycle Effy Evolution Healthcare Integrity Management RAID RCM Revenue Technology Telecom Telecommunications

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Operational vs. Actionable Analytics

In the light of the unfortunate recent event of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of hospital leaders, more than ever, are understanding the value of real-time data analytics versus the limitations of operational data analytics to address and promptly solve problems in every aspect of operations.

Actionable Analytics Audit Cycle Healthcare Integrity Management Operational RAID Realtime Revenue Solution

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The strategic importance of having continuous auditing and improvement solution for your RCM

Amidst all the COVID related events of the past few weeks, many, if not most, health systems are facing increased complexities to the health system’s RCM processes throughout the enterprise. Furthermore, the difficult in keeping track of government policies daily changes, plus the fact that different payers are taking different approaches, results in massive sets of disparate data to be reconciled and reviewed.

Audit Cycle Healthcare Management RAID RCM Revenue

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EFFY announces a new customer and a new partnership in US!

EFFY is proud to announce a new customer and a new partnership in US! We are delivering RAID Healthcare actionable analytics platform into a new big hospital network in the Southern US region. The new hospital network will benefit from the power of EFFY and its RAID Healthcare tool to decrease Denials rates by preventing denials before they occur, by acting in advance, including predicting trends and specific cases that are avoidable upfront, reducing significantly denials rates and monies left on the table of negotiations with Payers.

Client Customer Effy Healthcare Partner Partnership RAID

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Key Trends Make (Near) Real-Time Data a Must-Have for Optimizing RCM

Among the various types of data that hospitals rely upon, only (near) real-time data enables hospital leaders to take action and follow up on that action to correct inefficiencies, denials and revenue leakage. In fact, key trends in hospital analytics are shifting toward (near) real-time analytics as an important step beyond problem definition. EFFY’s efficiency platform that overlays existing operational systems to help healthcare organizations compare massive amounts of data across their total enterprise, detect exceptions and problems, and guide interventions to improve efficiency that optimizes financial, clinical and operational performance.

Analytics Cycle Data Effy Management RAID RCM ROI Real Revenue Time

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HFM MAGAZINE publishes the success story of using EFFY and RAID Healthcare for reducing Denials at Bon Secours

EFFY Healthcare is proud to announce that HFM MAGAZINE just released the Success Story of BON SECOURS Heath Systems in using EFFY and our tool RAID Healthcare in addressing the challenges they had in Denials, namely at ther OPIC UNIT (OP Infusion Center).

Bon Case Effy HFM HFMA Healthcare RAID Secours Study

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