The Best Practice for Creating a  Patient-centric Revenue Cycle?  Make sure there are no surprises.
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The Best Practice for Creating a Patient-centric Revenue Cycle? Make sure there are no surprises.

Clear communication combined with a smooth revenue cycle create an opportunity to protect revenue and raise patient satisfaction.

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INFOGRAPHIC | Gartner's Top 3 Predictions for Healthcare Beyond 2020

Following Gartner's predicts 2020, healthcare providers must leverage on cross-industry partnerships and emerging technologies, including AI, to create new digital business and operating models within the next five years. Take a look at our digest infographic on Gartner’s Top 4 Predictions for Healthcare Beyond 2020.

ai artificialintelligence beyond2020 digital gartner healthcare infographic predictions predicts technology top4

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INFOGRAPHIC | 6 Benefits for Healthcare of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Do you know why 23% of healthcare executives are already looking to invest in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation now and why 50% intent to do it in 2021? Check out 6 Benefits of Applying RPA on your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and understand better what can it do for your healthcare organization.

AI Artificial Automation Healthcare Intelligence Process RCM RPA Robotic

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The Top 4 Ways to Avoid COVID-19 Claim Denials

Contrary to what many in the public have been led to believe, not all claims relating to COVID-19 are covered by insurance. Here are four strategies to prevent denials before they happen.

Assurance Business COVID-19 Claim Coronavirus Cycle Denial Denials Healthcare RCM Reimbursement Revenue insurance

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Healthcare Business Assurance: The Next Step of RCM Evolution

Healthcare RCM technology has been evolving for decades. Some organizations have begun looking outside of healthcare to find the capabilities they need to continue their drive toward operational efficiency and new reimbursement model management. The answers they are looking for may come from an unlikely industry – telecommunications.

Actionable Analytics Assurance Audit Business Cycle Effy Evolution Healthcare Integrity Management RAID RCM Revenue Technology Telecom Telecommunications

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INFOGRAPHIC | Predictive Analytics in Health Care Trends

Predictive analytics is poised to reshape the health care industry by achieving the Triple Aim of improved patient outcomes, quality of care and lower costs. But, how are executives actually using predictive analytics, and does it help uncover the insights and efficiencies they expect?

Analytics Efficiency Healthcare Predictive

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“Real Time” Data Makes a Real Difference in Finding and Fixing RCM Issues

Staying viable in today's increasingly complex healthcare environment is not an easy task for any hospital or health system. With the need to aggregate and comparing data from diverse platforms, with the various formats, using technology for identifying and correcting has become a major issue for hospital organizations. To find an issue, after it has caused a denial, is unacceptable.

Analytics Data Healthcare Predictive RCM Real-time

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Operational vs. Actionable Analytics

In the light of the unfortunate recent event of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of hospital leaders, more than ever, are understanding the value of real-time data analytics versus the limitations of operational data analytics to address and promptly solve problems in every aspect of operations.

Actionable Analytics Audit Cycle Healthcare Integrity Management Operational RAID Realtime Revenue Solution

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The strategic importance of having continuous auditing and improvement solution for your RCM

Amidst all the COVID related events of the past few weeks, many, if not most, health systems are facing increased complexities to the health system’s RCM processes throughout the enterprise. Furthermore, the difficult in keeping track of government policies daily changes, plus the fact that different payers are taking different approaches, results in massive sets of disparate data to be reconciled and reviewed.

Audit Cycle Healthcare Management RAID RCM Revenue

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