The Best Practice for Creating a  Patient-centric Revenue Cycle?  Make sure there are no surprises.
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The Best Practice for Creating a Patient-centric Revenue Cycle? Make sure there are no surprises.

Clear communication combined with a smooth revenue cycle create an opportunity to protect revenue and raise patient satisfaction.

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INFOGRAPHIC | Predictive Analytics in Health Care Trends

Predictive analytics is poised to reshape the health care industry by achieving the Triple Aim of improved patient outcomes, quality of care and lower costs. But, how are executives actually using predictive analytics, and does it help uncover the insights and efficiencies they expect?

Analytics Efficiency Healthcare Predictive

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EFFY Healthcare and Bon Secours Hospital System Collaborate to Increase Efficiency.

Actionable Analytics, Improve Revenue Cycle Management, Ensure Clinical & Operational Efficiency. EFFY Healthcare, an efficiency platform that overlays existing systems to help healthcare organizations compare massive amounts of data across their total enterprise, detect exceptions and problems, and guide interventions to improve efficiency, announces to be working with Bon Secours Hospital System, a not-for-profit Catholic health system, to bring efficiency levels at their Revenue Cycle Managemnt area, into further levels.

Bon Efficiency Effy Healthcare Secours

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Hospital Systems Place High Value on Acquiring Actionable Analytics to Optimize Efficiencies, Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Hospital leaders face substantial challenges in terms of aggregating and comparing vast datasets to identify and correct problems. The substantial amount of data is prompting these healthcare organizations to recognize this deficit in their existing systems.  As they learn about the value and benefits of actionable analytics to address and solve problems in virtually every aspect of operations, they’ve begun to adopt new technology now available on the market. A significant benefit is that these new platforms overlay current transactional systems to deliver a cleaner, smarter and cost-effective solution.

Actionable Analytics Efficiency Healthcare Hospital Optimization Systems Value

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