“Real Time” Data Makes a Real Difference in Finding and Fixing RCM Issues
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“Real Time” Data Makes a Real Difference in Finding and Fixing RCM Issues

Staying viable in today's increasingly complex healthcare environment is not an easy task for any hospital or health system. With the need to aggregate and comparing data from diverse platforms, with the various formats, using technology for identifying and correcting has become a major issue for hospital organizations. To find an issue, after it has caused a denial, is unacceptable.

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EFFY announces a new customer and a new partnership in US!

EFFY is proud to announce a new customer and a new partnership in US! We are delivering RAID Healthcare actionable analytics platform into a new big hospital network in the Southern US region. The new hospital network will benefit from the power of EFFY and its RAID Healthcare tool to decrease Denials rates by preventing denials before they occur, by acting in advance, including predicting trends and specific cases that are avoidable upfront, reducing significantly denials rates and monies left on the table of negotiations with Payers.

Client Customer Effy Healthcare Partner Partnership RAID

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Key Trends Make (Near) Real-Time Data a Must-Have for Optimizing RCM

Among the various types of data that hospitals rely upon, only (near) real-time data enables hospital leaders to take action and follow up on that action to correct inefficiencies, denials and revenue leakage. In fact, key trends in hospital analytics are shifting toward (near) real-time analytics as an important step beyond problem definition. EFFY’s efficiency platform that overlays existing operational systems to help healthcare organizations compare massive amounts of data across their total enterprise, detect exceptions and problems, and guide interventions to improve efficiency that optimizes financial, clinical and operational performance.

Analytics Cycle Data Effy Management RAID RCM ROI Real Revenue Time

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Optimize your RCM and reduce claim denials

Many, if not most, health systems are undergoing expansions that result in massive sets of disparate data to be reconciled and reviewed. This often means facing significant complexities to the health system’s RCM processes throughout the enterprise. Read how to address this and other challenges with actionable analytics from EFFY Healthcare.

Claim Cycle Data Denials Healthcare Management Optimization RCM ROI Revenue

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HFM MAGAZINE publishes the success story of using EFFY and RAID Healthcare for reducing Denials at Bon Secours

EFFY Healthcare is proud to announce that HFM MAGAZINE just released the Success Story of BON SECOURS Heath Systems in using EFFY and our tool RAID Healthcare in addressing the challenges they had in Denials, namely at ther OPIC UNIT (OP Infusion Center).

Bon Case Effy HFM HFMA Healthcare RAID Secours Study

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HFMA VA-DC Event Sets the Stage for Revenue Cycle Management Successes

Exhibit and presentation highlighted the Bon Secours experience with a Case Study presentation featuring EFFY and RAID Healthcare on the Bon Secours Outpatient Infusion Center (OPIC) provided attendees with valuable lessons on how to make their revenue cycle run smoothly with minimal intervention.  Feedback from the audience was excellent.

Chapter Conference DC HFMA Health Innovation Richmond Spring Summit VA VADC Virginia

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EFFY Unveils Animation to Showcase How Actionable "Real Time" Analytics Help Hospitals Run More Efficiently

EFFY is pleased to release its first animated video designed to engage and inform hospital, hospital system and Integrated Delivery Network leaders about actionable "real time," or near real time, data analytics platforms and more specifically EFFY´s RAID Healthcare tool.

ActionableUmbrella Analytics Animation Effy Real Time Video

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EFFY Healthcare and Bon Secours Hospital System Collaborate to Increase Efficiency.

Actionable Analytics, Improve Revenue Cycle Management, Ensure Clinical & Operational Efficiency. EFFY Healthcare, an efficiency platform that overlays existing systems to help healthcare organizations compare massive amounts of data across their total enterprise, detect exceptions and problems, and guide interventions to improve efficiency, announces to be working with Bon Secours Hospital System, a not-for-profit Catholic health system, to bring efficiency levels at their Revenue Cycle Managemnt area, into further levels.

Bon Efficiency Effy Healthcare Secours

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Hospital Systems Place High Value on Acquiring Actionable Analytics to Optimize Efficiencies, Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Hospital leaders face substantial challenges in terms of aggregating and comparing vast datasets to identify and correct problems. The substantial amount of data is prompting these healthcare organizations to recognize this deficit in their existing systems.  As they learn about the value and benefits of actionable analytics to address and solve problems in virtually every aspect of operations, they’ve begun to adopt new technology now available on the market. A significant benefit is that these new platforms overlay current transactional systems to deliver a cleaner, smarter and cost-effective solution.

Actionable Analytics Efficiency Healthcare Hospital Optimization Systems Value

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