EFFY Healthcare, a technology company focused on healthcare efficiency, has just announced a partnership agreement with [email protected], a company focused on promoting and implementing tools and methods that greatly impact the way organizations operate and produce outcomes.

The partnership will focus in first place in Middle East region, extending to other regions of the world in the neart future.

EFFY Healthcare provides RAID® Healthcare, a powerful actionable analytics platform that addresses effectively all business assurance requirements: revenue, clinical, quality and operational, to improve performance throughout healthcare organizations.

RAID® Healthcare is the best tool in class, assuring the highest rankings on quality, safety and efficiency, through digitalization, automation and continuous auditing of data.

With multi-sources data collection, monitoring, auditing, notification and actionable analytics functionalities, RAID® proved to have a Return on Investment within less than 12 months of implementation. EFFY’s software platform requires reduced upfront investment and makes it possible to devise fast interventions to correct inefficiencies and revenue leakages that impact operation performance and profitability.

“We are very happy to have [email protected] as our partner, given the tremendous knowledge the company has of the healthcare industry and the proven capacity to manage projects in markets that may greatly benefit from our Solution”, says Jose Xavier, EFFY’s CEO.

César Guimarães, President of [email protected], states that “EFFY and RAID® fit perfectly our goal to support accountable healthcare organizations. Having EFFY as a partner we strength our offer and RAID® becomes a corner stone of [email protected], our unit devoted to analytics and business assurance”.

Dedicated to healthcare efficiency, EFFY and its unique RAID® engine, empowers healthcare providers, governmental organizations and insurance companies to retrieve, review, compare and use data, no matter its size, source or platform complexity. 

“Our customizable, exception-based, triggers identify deviations from norms, helping users reduce errors and denials, improving efficiency and productivity, meeting compliance requirements,” states Jose Xavier, and adds: “EFFY makes transactional systems smarter and cleaner, while generating significant ROI.”

The Partnership will be publicly announced and celebrated at the Arab Health trade-show in Dubai, 27-31 January 2020.