Dedicated to healthcare efficiency, EFFY empowers hospitals, hospital systems and Integrated Delivery Networks to retrieve, review and compare massive amounts of operational, clinical and financial data across their total enterprise -- no matter the size, data incompatibility or platform complexity. Using customizable, exception-based triggers to identify deviations from norms, users can reduce errors and denials, improve efficiency and productivity, meet compliance requirements and ensure financial viability.

Powered with unique actionable analytics, this operating platform overlays existing transactional and operational systems, functioning as a permanent, protective 24/7 auditing and reporting “umbrella” that makes data comparable and enables leaders to take action and to follow up on that action. With substantially lower upfront costs, healthcare organizations can devise rapid interventions for correcting inefficiencies and revenue leakage that impact the bottom line.

EFFY is backed by an experienced team with deep and specialized senior-level healthcare expertise in hospital financial performance, administration and operations, and clinical excellence. With US headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, EFFY maintains an international footprint with offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil and Portugal.

EFFY makes current systems increasingly smarter and cleaner, while generating significant ROI within months of implementation.

Who We Serve

  • - Hospitals and Hospital Systems
  • - Integrated Delivery Networks
  • - Consulting Firms and Influencers

EFFY’S exceptional Revenue Cycle Management solutions are built upon RAID Healthcare, an end-to-end software platform used worldwide by leading healthcare systems, telecom companies, utilities, retail and other complex industries.

RAID brings an inimitable Workbench Engine solution to:


Collect and analyze data


Detect problems, define the variance and trigger alarms


Drill down to analyze, guide and advise leaders exactly what they need to do


Provide integrated workflow to organize actions that leaders can take to fix the problem


Continue monitoring, ensure corrective actions have been taken


Providing expert guidance and vision to help our clients address their most pressing challenges

José has more than 25 years of worldwide experience in information and communication technology.

José has always been an entrepreneur, leading the launch, growth and successful exit of technology companies in US and Europe.

Most recently, José served as a member of the executive board at WeDo Technologies Global, a company he helped to launch in 2001 and where he has been General Manager for the North American and Caribbean region.

WeDo Technologies is the creator of RAID Healthcare, the core technology platform that EFFY is now bringing to Healthcare market. At WeDo, José also launched and led the Company´s healthcare practice in the US and the acquisition of its first customers in the region.

Lisa’s experience as a registered nurse for the past 32 years helps EFFY get deeper insight into the healthcare needs of its clients by looking closely at financial impact and analysis in a variety of both clinical and business settings.

Lisa provides individualized insights and assessments into healthcare reimbursement and assists with project design for maximizing revenue recovery and loss prevention. Projects centering around value based purchasing initiatives and Medicare CORE diagnosis and specific areas of interest. Lisa holds a Master’s of Science in nursing administration from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, as well as a master’s level certification in international health.

Becky Crytser is the creator and founder of Revenue Integrity PRN, LLC. Her mission is simple, be the bridge between your mission and your margin. Her combined years of experience as an ED nurse, Admin Director of Revenue Integrity Bon Secours Health system, revenue integrity auditor, and a certified professional coder enables her to understand the ever-changing complex compliance and payer billing rules and optimize your revenue.

As part of a strategic partnership celebrated between EFFY and Revenue Integrity PRN, LLC, Becky is also Senior Clinical Advisor & Revenue Integrity Coordinator for EFFY.

The partnership is driven by the moto “Revenue Assurance meets Revenue Integrity”, where expertise, big data tools and service come together, powered by RAID Healthcare, the worldwide leading software tool in Revenue Assurance.

With more than 25 years as CIO for multiple companies, John has an international career in information technology that includes 11 years of experience in the consumer marketplace followed by 14 years in the healthcare sector.

For healthcare organizations in both public and private sectors, John provided senior-level guidance and services for modeling as well as the creation and evolution of many healthcare units of different dimensions. In these business groups, he was responsible for the definition and implementation of the IT strategy, particularly regarding digital transformation. His leadership enabled many entities to adapt to market demands and meet the evolving market expectations for technological evolution.

More recently, he has been focused on the trends impacting web development, virtualization and operational mobility in the healthcare domain.

Pedro has over 25 years of international management and senior leadership experience, mostly in Information Technology companies with a successful track record of achievements.

He has held various roles as a Finance Director and CFO in diverse environments of acquisitions, sales , divestments and mergers. However his broad experience in a number of countries has also included Country General Management responsibilities leading Business´s in blue chip IT companies, large scale worldwide improvement and cost saving projects, leading various non-finance functions from Sales to Consultancy, from Procurement to Legal to External Affairs and Communications. This deeply varied experience has added to his financial background by giving him strong interpersonal skills in multi cultural environments, flexibility and capacity to adapt, a broad business vision and commercial acumen.

Pedro is a seasoned healthcare business analyst with an impressive track record for implementing projects aimed at optimizing hospital costs and services in the area of enterprise informatics.

He served as senior consultant at WeDo Technologies, a global leader in business assurance for telecom and communication services providers, where he managed projects and gained significant experience in healthcare, utilities, finance and telecom.

Pedro earned a degree in Computer Engineering from the Universidade Lusíada, Alcântara, a Diploma of Academic Merit as Best classified Computer Engineering student, and is a certified RAID System Integrator.

With more than 18 years of international experience in marketing and communication, Ana started her career as a designer, experience that makes her a hands-on and goal-oriented professional.

After her post-graduation in Communication Strategy and Media Relations, she engaged her career as a project manager and a corporate marketing and communication strategist and consultant. First in agencies in Portugal, Brazil and Angola, and afterwards has Marketing Manager in multinational companies in several business markets such as tourism, real estate, energy, oil and gas.

Her design thinking approach, along with her multisector experience, analytical and strategic mindset, focuses her in delivering problem solving marketing and communication strategies in any business area, and presently in healthcare.


With more than 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur and managing executives of global technology companies, Dave is a Strategic Business Advisor, University Professor and VC Investor that leads and inspires the next generation of US and EU business leaders.

By creating strategies for effective global impact, Dave continues to take companies to the next level of their life cycle and in the last years he has been involved in more than 15 transactions involving the purchase, sale, merger, or infusion of capital into companies. These transactions add to his record of accelerated revenue growth, successful capital infusions and outstanding company results.

As a guest lecturer at the MBA level, Dave has provided instruction at many European universities, including INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, London Business School, England, IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, University of Chicago, USA, and UPC, PIMEC ESADE University in Barcelona, Spain. He has also presented at the Europe’s 500 Conference.

As a global leader and multicultural business mentor for high-growth technology companies, Dave is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for Effy Healthcare.

Bruce is a Senior Managing Director in the Health Solutions segment with more than 40 years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, patient access, medical records, revenue strategies, and patient accounts.

He has significant management experience in system strategies and implementations and is a recognized reference for all aspects of the revenue cycle operations and the establishment of Central Business Offices.

He has designed and implemented systems and processes to maximize Revenue Cycle benefits and has held the title of Vice President of Revenue Cycle for three large IDN’s and was the Practice Unit leader for the Revenue Cycle and Finance Practice.

A fast-paced, high-energy and globally-oriented healthcare leader who creates results, John is a team player with high motivational skills, strong principles, and values, who empowers those around him to lead. Extensive experience in quickly finding solutions, and managing results from challenges originating from a variety of settings and variables.

He is credited with solutions that include managed care, integrated information and management systems, with the primary focus on quality, patient (client) centered, service and care. John has the extensive skill-set required to lead in today’s complex and diverse organizations. He is experienced in start-ups, restructuring, reinvention, and entrance and exit strategies for venture capitalists.

What Makes Us Different

We not only detect problems, we empower you to take action and fix them

Healthcare-specific Exception-based Analytic Tools:

Stands apart from other vendor offerings: not simply a rigid transaction or operational system, nor a regular data visualization tool that just reports on everything, our system actually captures, collects, reconciles and analyzes data looking for exceptions you want to detect

And then we help you to act upon the exceptions detected.

Pricing and robust ROI

  • - Overlays to existing system
  • - Mitigates need for immediate and expensive system replacement
  • - Amplified ROI for defined data sets

Puts hospital leaders in control:

Hospital leaders direct the placement of our business sensors in any area or department throughout the enterprise. Trigger alarms rapidly identify problems and detect abnormal gaps in any area.

Heightens efficiency to ensure accurate billing, claims management and reimbursement

Allows decision-makers to address how each of the various components of the patient-provider interaction fit into the revenue cycle – with alerts to gaps that may lead to loss or risk.

  • - Pre-service, including pre-registration or pre-authorization
  • - Care delivery
  • - Gauge impact, quickly correct practices involving charge master, coding compliance, clinical documentation
  • - Adjust billing services
  • - Recalibrate administrative services such as contract management, fee schedules, debt collections, managed care contracts and denial management.

Data flows quickly and is readily available in real time

Actionable, analytic, comparable data from throughout the enterprise is quickly made available, with exception reporting that alerts leaders that a fix is needed.

EFFY then provides integrated workflows to guide Interventions that will correct the problem and monitor the operations to ensure that the changes have been made.

These capabilities facilitate a rapid fix before the orders are accepted:

  • - Saves dollars prior to dropping bills or exceeding length of stay.
  • - Responds to increased financial pressures requiring earlier interventions that support the transition from volume to value-based care.


If you share our passion to make healthcare more efficient and work better for everyone, please contact us.

We are hiring the best people and professionals, the ones with the right skills and attitude to lead that journey. It’s an opportunity to become part of a global emerging company targeting customers worldwide.

We are expanding our business and our team and expect that new members will also believe that technology can have a big role and impact on healthcare: big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart analytics and other key technology drivers;

If you feel you can make a difference at effy, send us an email at [email protected] and attach your Resume/CV, cover letter and/or any materials you feel will help us judge your fit and potential for effy.
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